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Our skilled legal team provides a unique approach that can help optimize your business activities in the Saudi market.

While you may initially think of the vast Saudi oil reserves, there are much more factors that make Saudi Arabia the most relevant market on the Arabian Peninsula. Diversification of the economy, continuing liberalization and a growing populations provide attractive opportunities. If you are looking to expand to Saudi Arabia or are contemplating a transaction with exposure to the Kingdom, we can help. Bremer can provide the support you need to break into the Saudi market or navigate the legal and regulatory regimes to successfully conclude the acquisition or sale of Saudi businesses, procure merger control clearance or ensure compliance with antitrust regulations.

At Bremer, we have experience working in dynamic markets and can provide practical solutions to help you meet the necessary regulation and policy requirements. We offer an unmatched combination of Western style legal services and in depth experience, perspective, and understanding of markets and legal regimes in the Middle East, including challenges for cross-border deals involving the region.

We understand that venturing into new emerging markets comes with a unique set of challenges and risks. Thus, we go above and beyond to help you mitigate these issues and expand your activities to Saudi Arabia. Our skilled legal team provides a unique approach that can help optimize your business activities in the Saudi market.

In the Saudi Kingdom, our legal office focuses on various assignments in various industries.

Our Industry Knowledge


The energy sector is a highly competitive market in the Saudi Kingdom. As the world’s leading center of oil reserves, Saudi also has some of the most stringent local and regional regulations for energy production and consumption.

In addition, the energy industry is constantly fluctuating due to political pressures, emboldened authorities, changes in demand, and enhanced regulations, posing significant challenges to businesses operating in the industry.

That is where Bremer comes in to help businesses proactively mitigate risks and identify new opportunities in emerging markets. We take a holistic approach to serving businesses across the energy chain of supply.

Media & Telecommunication

To thrive in the digital media communication sector in Saudi Arabia, clients turn to us for a subtle understanding of the local and regional regulations impacting the larger Middle East region.

Our legal team has the insights you need to navigate the complex regulations and policies when expanding your business interests to the Saudi Kingdom. Bremer can advise you on financing, policy initiatives, obtaining antitrust clearances, and other media-related services.

Capital Markets

Bremer has your back if you are seeking new, attractive opportunities in Saudi Arabia’s capital markets. Our team of forward-thinking legal specialists possesses firsthand industry experience and can help you close deals in Saudi Arabia and worldwide.


Despite the changes in the automotive sector, our Bremer attorneys can strategically position you in the Saudi Arabia market for success. Our legal team has many years of experience serving the automotive field and can take care of every aspect of your business’s activities in the vast Saudi market.

We can help you leverage new opportunities in the emerging markets and address any challenges that may block you from achieving success.

Transportation & Infrastructure

The transportation and infrastructure industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors globally. Investment in this sector worldwide continues to increase drastically, especially in growing markets.

If you have identified an investment opportunity in the infrastructure sector in Saudi Arabia and need help, our attorneys can help you seize the opportunity. We are well versed in the Saudi Kingdom’s infrastructure affairs and can help you expand or grow your business in the Saudi market.

Our Areas of Focus 

Antitrust & Merger Control

With antitrust and merger control attorneys, Bremer is well equipped to help you with every step of your antitrust and merger control activities. Our antitrust and merger control practices span industries with local attorneys in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

We combine our vast experience with extensive knowledge of local cultures, policies, customs, and regulations to help you reduce risk and grow a successful business.

Banking & Finance

By combining a global perspective with our extensive local knowledge, we can advise clients working in the export credit field to help them manage their financial transactions. We can help you navigate the ever-changing global regulations impacting financial and banking operations.

We have worked with several clients, including financial institutions, banks, and brokerage firms in and around Saudi Arabia. We can provide the best banking and finance insights to help you advance your objectives.

Public Procurement

Bremer is the law firm to rely on for guidance if you are eyeing Saudi Arabia’s government contracts and other public affairs. Government contracts and strict laws play a significant role in the global economy, and Saudi Arabia is no exception. 

Fortunately, our legal experts are equipped to help you maneuver these stiff policies to win many valuable government contracts to support your growing business. We have built massive experience and exposure working in different industries. We help clients pursue challenging procurement procedures, modify existing contracts, elaborate procurement rules, and represent negotiations.

Foreign Direct Investment

We can help you diversify your business portfolio through Foreign Direct Investments in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Our lawyers are familiar with Saudi Arabia’s local cultural laws and regulations, policies, and customs, allowing them to navigate foreign investment affairs quickly and confidently.

Mergers & Acquisitions and Joint Ventures

Our mergers, acquisitions, and joint venture attorneys are well-versed with different types of businesses and the applicable regulatory regimes in Saudi Arabia. We will help you structure and deploy local, regional, and international mergers and acquisitions as well as joint ventures that expand your business activities to new markets.

Our legal team will help you understand the dynamics of completing a successful merger and acquisition transaction in Saudi Arabia while staying within the legal limits.

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