Foreign Direct Investment

Bremer helps clients diversify their business ventures through Foreign Direct Investments in the Middle East and North African regions while also playing a role in assisting in domestic and multinational transitions globally. At Bremer, our attorneys have a vast knowledge of local cultures, customs, laws, and regulations, making them the perfect foreign investment allies who can offer the experience needed to take on foreign affairs confidently.

Foreign direct investment plays a fundamental role in domestic and multinational transitions globally, especially in the Middle Eastern and North African regions. Foreign direct investments, or FDI, are long-term investments made by an investor in an enterprise to another economy resulting in interests with significant influence over overseas enterprises.

The Middle East has a “traditional” foreign direct investment arrangement that provides a barrier to creating new services that can help restrict foreign investment. A merger control review has been applied to some jurisdictions in the MENA region, which provides its own set of rules. A merger control review provides an overview of the pre-merger competition. It alerts key jurisdictions worldwide to developments, recent decisions, and strategic considerations.   

Foreign direct investments typically happen through mergers, acquisitions, or the setting up of business operations. The investor is the direct investor, while the overseas enterprise is the direct investor. The foreign direct investment process regulates procedures to ensure that other foreign investors do not take over relevant companies, sectors, or vital industries. 

Additionally, over the past few decades, MENA governments have started promoting and facilitating FDI as they recognize the positive impact these investments can have on development goals. However, foreign direct investments have been concentrated in only a few sectors, including real estate and manufacturing throughout the Middle East and Northern African regions. At Bremer, we’ll help your company make these investments so that you can make your mark on the market and achieve your development goals. 

At Bremer, we are committed to helping you in your financial endeavors and are passionate about helping businesses navigate foreign direct investments.


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